Investments* can play a key role in your financial security plan. For individuals, a mix of registered and non-registered savings, income and pension plans can help achieve short- and long-term goals. For employee groups, I can offer advice on registered and non-registered savings and pension plans.

  • Investment Asset Advisory Management Services*
  • Variable Annuities*
  • Group Retirement and Savings Plans


Investment Asset Advisory Management Services*


Whether you are looking to leave a family legacy, build wealth for retirement, or invest in tax-efficient vehicles, working with a financial professional and an investment management firm offering goals-based investment strategies can help you achieve your objectives and meet your changing needs. Advisory products take a collaborative approach to help you achieve your goals utilizing various strategies. A good financial professional works with you to identify goals and objectives, risk tolerance and time horizons.Meets regularly to discuss portfolio and re-evaluate your investment objectives. Coordinates activity between asset management providers and clients.

  • Qualified and Non-Qualified
  • Wealth accumulation or distribution strategies
  • Risk-based, income-oriented or dynamic multi-asset strategies    


Variable Annuities*


To outpace rising costs and manage market volatility, its essential to implement a long-term investment that can grow over time.  With more time spent in retirement, its increasingly important to establish a steady stream of income that you won’t outlive.  If it’s a priority to leave an inheritance for future generations, consider an investment strategy that can help preserve and grow your legacy. Taxes can impact every phase of your retirement journey, a tax-efficient investment can be a strategic choice.  Variable annuities* can provide living benefits to provide guaranteed income for life.

  • Qualified and Non-Qualified
  • Multiple investment strategies
  • Guaranteed income for life


Group retirement and savings plans


For business owners, group retirement and savings plans can play a key role in attracting and retaining quality employees.

Just like you, your dedicated employees are working towards a safe, secure future. Either provided independently or paired with group benefits, a group savings plan is a convenient, flexible and affordable way to help your employees reach their long-term financial goals.

I can help you and your valued employees choose group retirement and savings products. We will design an investment plan tailored to fit the needs of everyone involved. Choose from products like:

  • Registered retirement savings plans designed specifically for groups
  • Deferred profit sharing plans
  • Defined contribution pension plans
  • Non-registered savings programs

Contact us today to learn about how group retirement and savings plans can benefit your business.